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A man that is such a pussy that you can't be described as just a pussy. Therefore he is a pussy fuck. He is the action of pussy fucking.
"Have a beer"
Scott replies, "I can't, I have to paint Julies nails tonight"
"Man Scott, your a pussy fuck."
by Chamby86 May 06, 2008
The art of masturbating while wearing a condom. Only the people with their PHD in Jackology have used this form of masturbation.
Who needs a tube sock or a paper towel when you can solo rubber jack.
by Chamby86 May 07, 2008
It is when a male friend cums on another male friend. Neither is gay.
Move your head or you will get Krauchunased.
by Chamby86 May 05, 2008
The study of masturbation.
I have my PHD in Jackology.
by Chamby86 May 07, 2008
A.K.A. shit dick. A poo pickle is the result of ass humping. This is very common with the gay community.
I went down the dirt road and got poo pickle.
by Chamby86 May 08, 2008
When your eating a girl out, who has giant mud flaps, her beef curtains fall down around your neck. This forms a taco neck.
Man Igot taco necked last night.
by Chamby86 May 05, 2008

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