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Pronounced - Baa-sturred

1. A fucking retard
2. An asshole
3. Pubic Hair
4. The only guy to advocate War for Peace ...
Phil : Tonight's gonna be a good good night, cos. I'ma gonna get laid ...
Drake : You bush, your bushes are coming down your underwear in locks. Clip em before showing you pee-pee to Hannah.
by Chamaar May 13, 2010
World's best forum, advocating the message "Broadcast Yourself" to everyone from from fetuses to dead people. However, it suffers from two major short-comings:
1. Absence of porn, full strip-teases and other such forms of nudity.
2. Absence of voice recognition.
Phil : Man, I had to like, totally get off last saturday, and nothing on Youtube could even get my pecker to reach mid-way ...
Duke : Try YouPorn ... !!!
by Chamaar May 15, 2010
Another word for 'Goodbye', generally used by Chinese Mafia Bosses while bidding farewell to the family members of a kidnapped guy (as shown in the youth-centered, 'Hangover').
Toodaloo Mothafucker
by Chamaar April 27, 2010
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