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Army Men. A series of terrible games made by the now bankrupt company 3DO. Army men games came in many genres, but none of them were done particularly well, and even the best were only average.
Casual Gamer:Hey the new army men game is out.

Avid Gamer:Who cares? they all suck.

Hardcore Gamer: Everything sucks but Megaman and StreetFighter.
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
1)International clothing company that stole the soul of my brother and all of his friends, and robs the nations' youths of their money.

2)The names of our dogs. Mutts that arrived from seeminlgly nowhere.
My awesome $155 dollar shirt from Abercrombi e and fitch owns that stupid ten dollars shirt you got from walmart!
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
Generally debunked theory of the creation of the universe stating that existence began when matter condensed into a singularity and exploded across the cosmos, somehow forming life.
Since when do explosions create something as complex as a human cell?
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
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