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the first woman.
the ultimate woman.
people may think they can defeat her, but they are wrong....they'll have to find her first...
three things you should know about eve... she is loose, she is mad, she is ruthless
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 06, 2004
kfc adverts would have you believe that their food is "finger-lickin' good", but many people disagree, and find this particular brand of fried bird entrails to be somewhat unpleasant - hence tarnishing the positivity of the phrase.
thus, "ball-lickin' good" has become the phrase of choice to signify something that really is quite exceptionally good.
logically speaking, this makes more sense: surveys have shown that 97% of men would rather have their balls licked than their fingers.
"fried fake fast-food chicken may be finger-lickin' good, but a proper roast is ball-lickin' good"
by Chairwoman Mao Mao November 04, 2004
the first known mention of this parlour game was when percy from blackadder 2 suggested playing it. since then, the more popular Massachusetts Variant has become the premier version of the game.
requiring immense wit and skill, this is a game played by only a few experts. it is not for the weak of heart, mind, or stomach. if you don't understand its attraction, you never will, and you clearly have no soul.
see also shove piggy-in-the-middle shove
"anyone fancy a couple of rounds of shove piggy shove?"
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 08, 2004
impractical and thus rather unpopular version of the renowned parlour game shove piggy shove.
requires three players: two to play shove piggy shove as normal, and one to stand in the middle flailing their arms and shrieking in an attempt to intercept the ball.
the reason this game is unpopular is because it relies more heavily upon luck than skill, and we all know that shove piggy shove should be a game of skill.
"anyone fancy a couple of rounds of shove piggy-in-the-middle shove?"
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 08, 2004
activity which takes place in public open spaces, usually parks, and involves looking at other people's dogs and discussing their relative coolness
they had dissertations to write, but they decided they'd rather head down to the beach for a couple of hours of dogwatch
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 05, 2004
innovative tv show about american horseback police devised by the great melanie wilk with a little help from her loose and mad cohorts.
where's my pony at?
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 04, 2004
known by various other names, including 'beefcake' (thanks to cartman from south park), get fat big now quick is the easiest way to turn your geeky body into a clone of jean claude van damme.
if you become a rippling hunk of muscle thanks to get fat big now quick, girls will want to have sex with you.
Girl: have you been working out?
Boy: no, i'm on get fat big now quick
Girl: oh, now i want to have sex with you
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 04, 2004
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