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A period between 5 - 7pm on a Friday in which Essx girls 'commute' to London (usually Canary Wharf) and hang out in bars waiting to pick bankers up.
"Mate I'll meet you for a drink down Canary Wharf after work"
"No fella its a right sausage fest down there during Essex Rush Hour. If its all the same to you I'd rather go somewhere else"
by Chairman Mao's alter ego November 02, 2011
A game as secretive as freemasonry and usually played by the sons of free masons in public school dormitories mainly situated in the south of England.

Similar to the play ground game, Tag, young boys of a privileged nature run round with their willys out chasing each other with the object of the game, if you are It, is to tag someone with your willy so that they are It.

Although this should be hard the school boys reach is enhanced by his semi as he is slightly aroused at being in close vicinity to other boys from privileged backgrounds.
"Fucking hell! Rupert's a right posh twat isn't he. Have you heard the lisp on him?"
"Yeah he probably got hit in the face too hard whilst playing ticky penis with his hunting frends"

"Fucking hell mate Get out my personal space. This isn't a game of ticky penis. You twat"
by Chairman Mao's alter ego January 06, 2012
Derived from the practice in which a sailor is placed in an empty barrel full of glory holes and his sailor mates use said glory holes to spaff on him
"You and your mates are so gay I bet you barrel bop each other at any given opporunity!"

"Yeah she looks like a right slag I bet she loves a barrel bop"

"Yeah he's a bit film actors isn't he I reckon he wants a go in the barrel for a quick bopping"
by Chairman Mao's alter ego January 04, 2012
A turn of phrase used to describe what flat mates get up to get the banter started. Where one gay (the rower) wanks his even gayer mate (the gondola) off. Like 'skiing' but involves two people not three.
"Where have them two gone?"
"dunno. Probably back to theirs to play the Ventetian gondola"

"Oi mate! Go and play with your Venetian gondola. He looks all lonely over there on his own, you batty! Ciao!"
by Chairman Mao's alter ego January 16, 2012
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