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1 definition by ChagrinedToDeath

Stephenie Meyer's pet word that she abuses regularly in her Twilight (Twatlight) "saga".
"Oh, Edward, I'm sorry...please forgive me." I didn't deserve him; he was too perfect for me. In heart-wrenching chagrin, I turned away to stop him from seeing the tears of chagrin in my chagrined eyes.

He turned my face back towards him with a velvet movement of chagrin. "Oh, Bella, my love, there is nothing to forgive!"

"But there is!" I cried in chagrin. "Oh, Edward, can't you see that I simply don't deserve you?"

"Oh, Bella, you silly girl. I love you!"

"I love you too!" I chagrined.

"Oh, Bella..." my perfect Adonis chagrined.

"Oh, Edward..." I chagrined.

"Bella..." he chagrined.

"Edward..." I chagrined.

"Bella..." he chagrined.

"Edward..." I chagrined.
by ChagrinedToDeath July 26, 2011