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term to describe irregular quantities of vaginal discharge.
you ain't stackin flow w/ heavy flow
by Chafin June 27, 2006
the progression or accumulation of ones respect, props, and/or material neccessities such as crack, weed, heroin, or any other federaly controlled substance.
first im gonna stack some flow
than im gonna stack some mo'
stackin flow
by Chafin June 27, 2006
a dark beer whose primary existance derives from the yeast of a womans vagina. primarily distributed in East coast cities.
Vagibeer is the best dark beer ever!
by Chafin June 27, 2006
to be wack, the process of trippin or not knowing ones place
Damn Bitch, you be chaffin' if u think im gonna wash dem dishes.
by Chafin June 27, 2006

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