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Chat, board, forum abbreviation for "Rolling on the floor laughing my ever-loving ass off." This was an expansion I added to the original "ROTFLMAO". I first used it on a popular BB in 1998 but I saw another person post it just the other day. I was amazed that it stuck.
Newbie forum post: "But Al Gore invented the internet, right?"

All othe posters: "ROTFLMELAO"
by Chael August 21, 2005
a bomber plane which cant be detected by noraml means ( for example radar and sonar) -- it is stealth-ed
a stealth bomber flew over the city at night and bombed the crap out of it
by chael March 05, 2003
one of my typos for lol, yes i'm that bad at spelling
"wen he screamed like that i neraly pissed myslef, olo"
by chael March 06, 2003
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