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Someone who supports wars only because they are excited by big explosions and dead foreigners.
Ryan watches CNN Live Iraq coverage all the time. What a wartard!
by Chadwick April 30, 2004
An older way of saying tight.
Johny's new ride was tizzer.
by Chadwick April 02, 2003
1. Sexual technique given to males by their partner to obtain pleasure.
2. The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay. oooooh The Claaaaaaaaw.
3. In order to preform the Claw one's hand must resemble the shape of a 5 pronged pincher. Extend the finger tips down the male sexual shaft, close the prongs and pull back up the shaft.
*Be prepared to preform the Claw for a long time before achieving male orgasm
*Also be sure to lubricate hand with lotion before preforming the Claw
Me and this one chick were going at it for a while, then she whipped it out and gave me the Claw.
by Chadwick January 21, 2004
Op in IRC and moderator on a forum who is also an internet-nazi. Pretty darn good at Desert Combat as well.


<Head> say something funny
<GSFHardflip> say something funny?
<GSFHardflip> ..No
by Chadwick October 30, 2003
black ass who wants to have sex with a jap car
i took out my greasy smigmatic dick and fucked my honda in the tail pipe.
then i pulled it out and snizzed on one of my pimp wheels
by chadwick April 09, 2003
General Motors. Produces GMC, Chevrolet, Saturn, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, Opel, and Buick. All products made by this manufacturer of automobiles are shitty.
My GM is a piece of shit.
by Chadwick April 02, 2003
Isuzu is made by GM, you idiot
Buy American my ass. I'm going to drive imports till I die.
by chadwick July 10, 2003

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