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1. Restricting a quarterback from throwing the ball and instead allowing him to hand off the ball to the running back and rely on the defense to win football games.

2. Treating your QB like the turnover prone bitch he is and letting your RB and OL do all the work.
2000 Baltimore Ravens started Trent Dilfer over Tony Banks after two consecutive losses. The Dilfer-ized Raven's offense would gain 1,364 yards rushing from Jamal Lewis. Trent Dilfer finished the year with 1,502 yards passing in 8 starts.

2009 Cincinnati Bengals Dilfer-ized their quarterback, Carson Palmer. Palmer finished the year with 3,094 yards passing while Cedric Benson gained 1,251 yards rushing

Woody Hayes basic coaching philosophy "three yards and a cloud of dust" - aka Dilfer-ized Philosophy
by Chad Stones January 07, 2010
Pronounced as beechgurls; Also known as (BG's) which is the well known and more commonly used abbreviation for Beachgirls.

1. A strip club in West Des Moines, IA where strippers work harder for the dollar.

2. The place where strippers go to retire and/or stripperella central

3. The place to hang out for a relaxing Sunday night where one can BYOB and get in for free.

4. The place to hang out on any evening besides Sunday where one can BYOB and get in for an excellent price of $12.

5. The place to go where a $5 stripper-snack hut will be well spent.
Mike: HEY SAM! Joey gave me his number, we're all going to Beachgirls on Sunday!

Sam: Sweet! You coming too Andy?

Andy: Heck yes I am! GET A HOLD OF ME!

Sam: What about you Matt? Are you down for some BG's?

Matt: Sorry guys, I'm going to have to bail.

All: What a fucken Bennett Bailer!!

Joey: I can't wait to see what Sam does this time at BG's!

Mike: Lets play crazy taxi on the way home from BG's, drive through some trash cans, someones yard and down some stairs!

Andy: I double dare you to go back and say that you're here for the gangbang.
by Chad Stones January 05, 2010

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