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3 definitions by Chad S

a polite way for a friend to indicate that their is an un apealing ear wax lump in the area of the ear canal.
She always has major nugets in the mine, thats why she can't hear anything.
by Chad S January 20, 2004
When a person (usually a man) has something in his mustache (usually food)See also bat in the cave, donkey in the canyon, and nuget in the mine.
oddly enough no one told the key note speaker that he had a pirate on the hairship before he took the mic.
by Chad S January 20, 2004
the polite way to indicate that your friend has something in the cracks of their teeth. see also Bat in the cave, Nuget in the mine, and Pirate on the hairship.
Before my interview I smiled wide and asked my friend if their was a donkey in the canyon.
by Chad S January 20, 2004