10 definitions by Chad Baker

adj; 1. a man who is hot, big and furry. 2: resembling Hoss on Bonanza
Those guys in American Bear magazine are hossome!
by Chad Baker January 11, 2005
1. when your friend is having sex with two other people. originally referenced on the Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz album Crunk Juice The Remixes in the track "Menage a Trois"
1. I came home from the club at 2am and walked in on my boy and two hoes havin' a ma nigga trois on my couch...it's a good thing I have the plastic couch covers!
by Chad Baker March 16, 2006
the act of urinating in a manner such that two (or more) streams of urine intersect, thereby creating a frothy churning yellow swirl in the water which resembles applesauce
Billy and Bobby both had to pee really bad, so rather than each taking their turn, they decided to crisscross applesauce.
by Chad Baker May 12, 2004

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