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Said when leaving (by driving or walking...preferrably while driving away, tires squealing) someone with the sole intent of emphsizing that you are better than him/her and him/her is a tool. Said as an exclamatory statement when leaving or driving away. Can also be used as a verb...to snoz, snozzing, snozzed
Person 1: Hey Brandon!
Person 2: Yeh what's up? (Giving full attention)
Person 1: SNOZ! (drives away squealing tires!!!)
In this situation it would be correct to say that person 2 has just been snozzed.
by chad March 31, 2004
A quirky character from Charlies Angels played by Tom Green.
There is only one captain of this love boat, and that is The Chad. -Tom Green
by Chad November 12, 2003
Revolver Ocelot is an extremely gifted gunslinger. He is quite slick with his Colt Single Action Armies.
Revolver Ocelot smoked a couple of guys with his Colt SAA.

Revolver Ocelot is quite slick.
by chad April 08, 2005
A stupid day when mindless droids who claim the will be together forever exchange gifts and crap...Losers
I dont need anyone eho likes Valentine's day
by Chad March 31, 2004
A non-derogatory term used to describe a person that is half Black and half Philipino.
Fool, you know I can dance, I'm niggapino!
by Chad December 11, 2004
A fear of certain television logos, including, opening/closing logos, and station/network identifications. Caused by any combination of bad graphics/animation, and creepy, primitive music. Some commonly feared logos include Viacom's V of Doom and Screen Gems' S From Hell
Telelogophobia is more common than you think.
by Chad June 10, 2004
A blob of slimy goo that defies gravity. Ranged in color from black to lime-green. Makes cars fly and basketball players jump to stupefying heights. From FLying rUBBER.
That's exactly what it is. Flying rubber. IT'S FLUBBER!!
by Chad February 13, 2004
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