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When a sober person pretends to be drunk and pass-out while telling everyone they're a lightweight.
Dude 1: Dude wake up you pussy! How much did you have, a sniff of it?
Dude 2: I actually had something in my cup unlike you.
Dude 1: *pretends to fall over on Dude 2 spilling his kool-aid in the process*
Dude 2: Nice fake tank douche bag
Dude 1: Im SO DRUNK!!
by Chad G May 03, 2007
When a friend punches one of his close friends for making fun of him for differant reasons, usually involving his girlfriend.
Friend: Your girlfriend is a bitch, didn't she cheat on you?
Gay Puncher: Dude fuck you.
Friend: Don't worry, I'd forgive you if you did that.
*Douchebag hits Friend*
Friend: Dude, you didn't have to gay punch me.
by Chad G May 03, 2007

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