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Mythical creature, generally resides in Gersch-is-the-Hill, a low-lying fen in deepest darkest Lincolnshire.

Originates from the original Big-G, who spawned all future Gersches.
The Gersch waited for the helpless creatures, hiding in a shadowy corner of the kitchen, lurking beside her deep fat frier. She waited until they were in reach and grasped them by their ears and devoured them, tastelessly, and regurgitated them to be re-eaten.
by ChaZZerS July 05, 2004
Originates from user's surname. Was also mixed with the name of one of his cars, Volkswagen Sharan.

ChaZZerS is extremely volatile and reacts highly to most people with a sense of humour. Floats around in octuplets of atoms.
The one in Lincoln, of the 1337 LAN KreW (1LK)
by ChaZZerS June 11, 2004

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