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When you put your hand in a bucket of water or bathtub long enough to let your hand get all wrinkly and then proceed to pleasure yourself so that it feels like an 85 year old is doing in. Can also be combined with the Stranger, The Danger Stranger, the Reverse or French-Grip, and can also be used with your significant other.
Oh man, I gave myself The Senior Citizen last night, and today I feel like I should eat some tapioca pudding, get in my Buick and drive slow in the high speed lane, or yell at kids to stay off my lawn.

I just gave myself The Senior Citizen and now I feel like playing Bingo.
by ChaSin78 October 17, 2008
While your girl is asleep, you stealthly get in bed behind her, careful not to wake her from her slumber, then place your wang in the middle of her back or buttcrack and arouse her from her slumber and proceed to service her.
Last night, Todd told me he pulled The Dan Move and woke up Jen, that's why she's so happy today...
by ChaSin78 October 17, 2008

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