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It is a food chain in the heart of the Philippines, Cebu, where traditional Chinese dim-sum has been pioneered into a modern and more appealing dim-sum. Traditional Chinese dim-sum offered only sticky brown fried rice to customers in addition to actual servings of pork, chicken, beef, or any other type of meat. This type of dim-sum appeals to elder Chinese men, affectionately called "jer-jer," who yearn to bring back the backward age of eating dog-meat and cats and believe that this reinvention of traditional dim-sum is an affront to their traditional way of "see-fut" dishes. Filipinos have found this practice to be as revolting as eating turtles and so reinvented dim-sum into it's current popularity. A popular dish is the Steamed Pork Dim-Sum where a bowl of pork fried rice sits at the bottom of the bowl while a serving of pork sauteed with delicious Ding-Qua-Qua's special sauce sits on top. The pork is then mixed by the customer with the fried rice and is then ready for consumption. This is a very famous place in Cebu and is universally known throughout the island as the best dim-sum around.
Ding-Qua-Qua is to dim-sum as a computer is to an abacus.
by Cha Su Bao August 14, 2006
A traditional Chinese mainland whore who travels south to Taipei to solicit money in exchange for sexual favors from wealthy Taiwanese businessmen. Bat gu-s are also known as someone who has had extensive experience and therefore should be avoided at all times. Women who have less experience are known as "Gai." Bat gu also have a reputation for having "chou dao fu."
Chou went to Taiwan as a "bat gu" to find work outside of the mainland where everyone already knows her notorious reputation and has been spurned by her elders (jo-seen).
by Cha Su Bao August 14, 2006
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