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Carissa is the most beautiful girl in the world. She knows how to have fun. Carissa is pretty much the most funny and nice girl I've ever met, and she doesn't even flaunt it. Plus, the girl's got an awesome chest. Her big blue eyes are the most enchanting I've ever seen.
Dude 1: Carissa's looking fineeeeee.

Dude 2: Man, I know.


Carissa: (while walking by) Hey guys!

Dude 1 & 2: Heyy!!!!! ... Wow....
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010
Pronounced "sex" and then someone stuttering on the word "bomb"; "sex bob-omb".

The name is a reference to "Bob-omb", a character from the Super Mario series and the Tom Jones song "Sex Bomb."

A pretty bad, and not well-known, band that consists of Stephan Stills (vocals and guitar), Kat Pine (drums), and Scott Pilgrim (bass).

They have one fan/groupie: Knives Wong, a seventeen year old, chinese catholic school girl that is Scott's ex-girlfriend... Scott is five years older than her.
We are Sex Bob-omb, and we're here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!!!
by Cha, brahhh. (: August 14, 2010
1) To cause someone or something to lie down in the rest position.

2) A brand of chips that are often told to "get their smile on".
1) Mom: Okay Baby, time to go to bed. Let me just lay you down in your crib so I can get back to your father.
Baby: Goo goo ga ga.

2) Announcer/back of a Lays chip bag: Lays, get your smile on.
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010
1) A peice of land without any hills or valleys.

2) What one might call a girl's chest if she has a little cup size or no boobs at all.

3) A word that is not veiwed as offensive or foul, but can be substituted for any words that are offensive or foul.
1) Charles Ingalls: The prairies are so flat. Myabe I'll build a house here.

2) Drew: Dude, Amy is so flat.
Nick: She's only three years old...

3) Paul: Flat! What the flat is going on here?!
Marie: Just shut the flat up! You would never flatting understand anyway!
Joe: Flat you marie! You flatting flat! I never want to flatting see your flatting face ever flatting again!

Paul: You're such a flat...
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010
Mandarin slang for a bad haircut.
Chen: Ew! Her haircut is chun fugi!
Wong: That's unfortunate...
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010

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