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Aviator slang for "will comply'
Tower: Crimson 1-1, take heading 180, angels 25.
Crimson: 1-1, wilco.
by Chaos December 02, 2003
a really freakin weird dude who plays guitar, gets squished by people like david, and is generally just a freaky person. who plays guitar.
you've got to get torpy out of my salad dressing
by chaos April 24, 2004
most kick-ass of all weaponry
*goes maxi style with sword chucks* two fisted monkey style!!!!
by Chaos April 22, 2004
Like The Hambugerler excpet this guy robs your shit from you!
Frank the Tird Burgerler is probing the dog again.
by Chaos July 20, 2003
Used to express understanding of a situation or when something seems very obvious to you.
"Did you feel the tension in that room? I wonder if something is going on between those two."
"Yeah, I can read a map."
"Hey, I don't know if I was being too subtle but I would like to spend some 'quality time' with you later, if you know what I mean."
"yeah, I can read a map."
#understood #duh #obviously #yup #yes #of course #affirmative
by chaOS January 21, 2014
word steming from (and i base this on absolutly nothing) midevil england when during wars they would send the peasants to sheild warriors from arrows and attacks with their bodies, which were,i believe, made of meat.
Fighter from FF1
by Chaos April 23, 2004
Body is totally overloaded and at it's breaking point.
I can't believe how fuckin crap-zapped I am. Why the fuck me!
by Chaos December 26, 2003
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