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A form of lesser no-scope where the scope button is slightly depressed before the shot is fired causing the targeting rectecule to shrink without the scope actually reaching the eye. This technique has the advantage of increasing the accuracy of a no-scope without it being defined as a hard-scope, however its use is prohibited in many major no-scoping clans as it allows for the no-scope to be performed without the necessary skill required, thereby making the technique accessible to just about any noob on the net.

This scope was originally developed by the reputable no-scope specialist- Ch40TiC DaMaGe- during a no-scoping private match (NSPM) on Terminal during the sixth age of CoD (2009-10) and has remained in common use to the present day- however many modern historians have disputes on the origins of this technique as many claim it was introduced by Ch40TiC DaMaGe's rival Scooter4Ever.

Since its founding, many people have tried and failed to replicate the true skill and dexterity required to perform it.
No way man, you can barely TM Scope!!!
by Ch40TiC Sn1pEr June 23, 2011

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