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Starscream is a whiny, screechy, egotistical, backstabbing git of a Transformer. Despite this, if you were to show a picture of him to any given female transfan, she will, without fail, melt into a squealing puddle of fangirlish glee. Use this tactic wisely.
Starscream is a traitor, even among the Decepticons.

Starscream is the singular weakness of pretty much all Transformers fangirls, including the writer of this entry.
by Ch'mera July 10, 2008
A woozy, comatose state only acheivable by mass consumption of awesome food.
After her massive dinner, she acheived a state of foodvana.
by Ch'mera June 06, 2007
The slightly unnerving event of the shuffle feature on an MP3 player or other media player somehow choosing a song particularly appropriate(or, in the case of a sarcastic telepathic shuffle, spectacularly innappropriate) piece of music.
Just as his friend pwned him, Dave's computer did a telepathic shuffle and rickrolled him by playing Never Gonna Give You Up.
by Ch'mera April 28, 2008
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