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What you are when arguing with a girl.
boy: Hey girl, drinking and driving is bad.

girl: No! you are wrong; I am right. Don't argue with me!
by Cest Mercredi April 04, 2009
A 24-hour sit-in coney island restaurant located in Redford, MI. Often referred to as "The Grill," and attracts a wide variety of people with their low-priced food. Food tastes best at 2am.
"I'm drunk, and I am very hungry, but where can I go at such a late hour?... I think I'll hit up the Redford Grill."
by Cest Mercredi July 22, 2009
The best way to find out that you are not special.
-I just had a mental revelation! I now truly understand myself! I am my own human being. I just went from being a boy to being a man!
-Oh cool! I learned in my psychology class that *insert famous psychologist* predicted you would do that.
-Oh... that's cool, I guess.
by Cest Mercredi February 23, 2011

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