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A person who says they bang but doesn't know any other stack/gang sign than their gang & who usually try's to make them selves seem "better than you" by being on you're dick all the time, A person who usually brags & has to include themselves in & every conversation/situation & makes it apart of their "life" & who has an explanation/excuse for why they failed or lied or just for anything.
Fake hood rat---> 775 842-7432
Example 1
Person 1- Have you ever been to a rave ?
Person 2 - Yeh (Not done with answer)
Fake Person - (Fake person interrupts) PSHHH! I ALLWAYS GO TO RAVES EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!
Person 1 - So why aren't you there now?
Fake Person - Because i don't like raves! duh!
Person 1 - So why do you go to them?
Fake Person - Because...gangsters don't go to raves!
Person 1 - So why did you say "you go every Friday night"?
Fake Person - (Quiet) & Smiles

Example 2
Person 1 - Eh dawg does that fool bang blue?
Person 2 - Yeah fool he was here ye (Not done talking)
Fake Person - (Interrupts) NO HE DONT! I WOULD KNOW I BANG BLUE B.N.C.! Throws up B.N.C.
*Conversation killed by the fake person*

Example 3
Person 1 - Hey lets go play guitar hero dawg
Person 2 - Ok fool but you'll whoop my ass though lol
Person 1 - I know fool! lol
Fake Person - (Talking to person 2) YOU SUCK AT GUITAR HERO!
Person 2 - I know but its still fun
Person 1 & 2 walk away to go play guitar hero
Fake Person - IDK WHY YOU PLAY IF YOU SUCK !(Follows Person 1 & 2)
by Cesar Nava June 28, 2010

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