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The stage name of the British musician Natasha Khan (born 1979). She sings and plays many instruments including the piano and the autoharp. She is currently on the Parlophone record label. Her first album, Fur and Gold, was released in 2006 and her second, and latest, album, Two Suns, was released in 2009. She has won, among other awards, the Ivor Novello award. Over the years she has played as support act for, among others, Coldplay and Radiohead. She was influenced by a wide range of musical artists including Nirvana, Kate Bush, The Cure, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Madonna, Prince, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and Bruce Stringsteen.
"I saw Bat For Lashes live last night. She was amazing".
by Cerulean Bryar June 06, 2010
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