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A man of any age range, who is deemed emotionally unavailable, often charming, and can only relate to women or men on a sexual level. He can be gay or straight, but his MO is having sex with many diverse women or men, if gay, and never quite committing to any of them. He can also be referred to as a "Player." This man is emotionally immature and has not grown out of the adolescent stage of sexual lust. He may also be a man who people think of as straight laced and good. He can be single or married. He can be an overt manwhore, or a downlow manwhore.
Tiger Woods is a true down low Manwhore, as he has slept with many women in the same time period, but never committed to any of them, and he was married. No one would have thought of him nor did anyone imagine how many women he had sex with until it was discovered one November eve.
by Cerebral63 January 16, 2010

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