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A variation of the kirby dance mimicking a 'peek-a-boo' action where kirby's eyes change shape for comical effect.
This usually ends with kirby having no face and thus ending on a higher comical note. The eyes can be modified to the user's liking.
guy: <('-')> (><) <(^-^)> (><) <(O-O)> (><) <($-$)> (><) <(__)> ???

other guy: wtf? lol
by Cerasys June 11, 2010
A brief statement implying that someone or something occupies all hatred you could ever have.

More intense than phrases such as that really grinds my gears

Usually accompanied by the angry fist shaking gesture.
Person 1: That asshole just cut me off!!!

Person 2: Dude, calm down.

Person 1: No! (raises fist in anger) All of my rage!
by Cerasys February 20, 2012
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