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3 definitions by Centro Americo

In some Latin-American countries chivo means a goat
In Salvadorean slang, Chivo is also used as an adjective to describe something "cool"

In the Dominican republic, chivo also means that one is nervous.
Salvadorean: Mira que chivo se ve la vista desdel balco del hotel.

Dominican: Hay! que yo me pongo tan chivo cuando subo a estas alturas.
by Centro Americo August 02, 2008
90 63
In Salvadorean slang, sampar means to forcefully place or insert an object.
Oyime cerote, The bua sampar un vergazo si no paras de hablar mierda.
by Centro Americo August 02, 2008
21 9
In Salvadorean slang it is a voulgar term for a male homosexual.
No sias tan culero y handa hablale a ese culo que te 'sta wachando.
by Centro Americo August 02, 2008
157 168