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When you fuck the girl so good she bites the pillow.....self explanatory or what?
It took three hours but she got the pillow meal in the end and I was out.
by Ceno June 08, 2005
Take care, see you later
You leaving? Alright keep it cheesy playa.
by Ceno May 20, 2005
Revoking of a "Player's Card" or keepin one off of "Pimp Status" for bitch moves like tending to the girl's/guy's every demand.
Stop Play! You actually begged her to stay the night?
by Ceno October 18, 2005
Meaning crazy, or something new....something unexpected or shocking.
The peach color on the escalade is apricots!
by Ceno May 20, 2005
When you get a girl in position to fuck and she changes her mind, you ducktape her limbs and handle your business
I had to duck tape it, the bitch said no
by Ceno June 08, 2005
Any action or phrase establishing yourself as the dominant one in the relationship
Had to Power Up on her, she ain't gonna be speakin to me like that
by Ceno October 18, 2005
Used in reference of wanting to cut(fuck)
She make me wanna pull out the scissors!
by Ceno May 23, 2005
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