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A strange and odd Punk. One that is not like others.

A individual. A Punk that understand what Punk is all about.

A person who understands that Punk is a way of thinking and not something to copy.
Freak Punks are individuals. They are what Punk is.
by Celtic Guy June 11, 2006
A Greaser Punk is a Punk that dresses like a Greaser with jeans and or Dickie's, rolled up selves and pants. Who might be into hot rods as 50's greasers were. With hair combed back with various oils, "greased" back. This person might wear punk band t-shirt and punk wrist bands (bracelet) and other punk ant-fashion.
Guy 1. That guy drives a hot rod and dress like a Greaser yet he wears Punk band t-shirt, like, The Ramones and Dead Kennedys.

Guy 2. He must be a Greaser Punk.
by Celtic Guy May 07, 2006
A punk into emo punk music. And yes emo is punk music.

emo - short for "emotional." Emo is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock. Emo is a sub genre of hardcore punk music.

The The first wave (1985–1994) of emo music came from bands like Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, Nation of Ulysses, Dag Nasty, Shudder To Think, Fire Party, Marginal Man, and Gray Matter,

The second wave (1994–2000) had bands such as The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Texas Is the Reason.

The third wave (2000–Present) has bands such as AFI, Alexisonfire, A Static Lullaby, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Finch, From Autumn To Ashes, From First To Last, Funeral for a Friend, Hawthorne Heights, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Thrice, and Thursday.

One of the biggest problems of emo today is punk has abandon the music and culture/movement it created. Although many of these emo bands emerged from legitimate punk rock scenes, they grew to be despised by veteran fans of punk who considered the genre to be fake. So it leads emo to be used by the mainstream music industry and society. Many punks are judgmental and critical of emo just the way people of the past have been of other punk music and punk movents. These veteran punk are in no way different.

That is not what punk is suppose to be about. Its suppose to be oppen to diffrent thing and individualism. There is problems with emo music and the emo movent but unstead of veteran punks being help to these trouble teens, They become critical and judgmental.

If this is what punk has become then maybe it should be dead. Punk instead of being help to emo music and the emo movent it has become apart of the problem in many ways.

Lets keep true punk and true punk ideals alive.
Guy one. That punk listens to emo punk music.

Guy two. He must be an Emo Punk.
by Celtic Guy May 08, 2006

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