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4 definitions by Celina Jade

When girls wear skimpy outfits (that show skin) to school, such as a short skirt, crop top, etc, people tend to have sexual fantasy's about them.
Patrick : Oh hey man, check out that hawt mama! I'm coming down with some "school girl fever"
by Celina Jade February 06, 2009
55 11
When a guy (or girl) is caught masterbating in the attic by a friend, parent, sibling (macking an awkward situation)and they can't get the image out of mind.
Hey Leah, sorry I didn't hand in the paper we needed, last night I saw some " Static in the attic" and I can't really focus on anything cause it was narsty.
by Celina Jade February 06, 2009
28 5
When a boy has a girlfriend and she cheats on him..with his brother "Broshare" can also be feminine as "Sisshare", when a sister has a boyfriend and he cheats on her with her sister.

It is also meant to sound like "Brochure", cause a brochure viewed by more then one person (normally.
I hear Dan is being "Broshared" by Rachele, that girl gets around
by Celina Jade February 06, 2009
24 5
"Honorexia" is when a person is anorexic and they're proud of it; they think it's cool to be anorexic, therefore, they take pride and honor in it.

also see: Honorexic
Angela: Annie, I think Tonya has anorexia, she is super skinny and I have never seen her eat a thing.

Annie: Be that as it may, she also has honorexia.
by Celina Jade February 18, 2009
23 9