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Derived from glass ceiling, "grass ceiling" refers to the tendency of those who regularly use marijuana to have limited career opportunities. Unlike the glass ceiling, the grass ceiling is one that is bumped into by choice.
A: Todd has been here for six years and he's still just a fry cook? I'm surprised he hasn't risen higher.

B: The only time he "rises higher" is during his daily 4:20 appointment with Senator Blunt.

Mitch starts each day with a wake and bake at 7, and by 8 he is ready to deliver another lecture about the intricacies of star clusters and planetary orbits. He has broken the grass ceiling.
by Cee Mills January 17, 2013
The act of getting all the students in a class (usu. middle school or high school) to drop a textbook on the ground simultaneously. Book drops are usually carried out to protest a new or substitute teacher.

If executed properly, the teacher will be unable to identify the perpetrators, provided there are no snitches. This will force the teacher to continue without being able to take meaningful action, or attempt to refer the entire class to the principal's office, either of which will result in great embarrassment.

Other materials, such as notebooks, pencils, or calculators, could be used in place of textbooks.
::2 minutes before class::

Todd: "Miss Bitch...I mean, Fischer is in again today."

Greg (to class) "Yeah. Let's do a book drop at 1:30. As soon as the second hand hits the 12, do it."

Todd: "Anyone who snitches gets stitches."
by Cee Mills February 21, 2013

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