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When someone is feeling all happy and opptimistic, you take your asshole self and totally break his happyness, therefore bursting his bubble. Eventually, you will become known for bursting people's bubbles, and they will hate you with a burning passion.
Guy: Don't worry dude, she's hanging out with her friends. She's still faithful to me.
Other Guy: Uh, I hate to burst your bubble Editor's note: No he doesn't., but there she is drinking with that guy.
Guy:... Fuck you man.
by Cecil Love August 01, 2006
Someone who is sexually attracted to popsicles.
Guy: Did you see the way she sucked on the popsicle?
Girl: Yea, she's way popsexual.
by Cecil Love July 17, 2006
1) A popsicle-like frozen treat, made out of frozen shit.
2) A small ball (usually no larger then, let's say, half an oreo) made out of shit that one can pop into his mouth. A snack of shit, if you will.
1) Ice Cream Man: Shit pops! Shit pops! Get your Shit Pops!
2) New Nabisco Shit Pops! Pop 'em into your mouth for a shittastic time!
by Cecil Love August 02, 2006
Frozen shit on a stick.
Guy 1: Dude, is that a fudgicle?
Guy 2: No, it's a popshittle.
Guy 1: Uh.... ew?
by Cecil Love July 30, 2006
Something only real assholes say. Don't know if someone is an asshole? See if they say "Antidisestablishmentarianism."
Asshole: Antidisestablishmentarianism!
Nice Guy: Yea, right. Just because you say a big word doesn't mean you are smart, especially when you say it totally out of context.
by Cecil Love August 05, 2006
1) Something to say when you're cold.
2) Something to say when someone has said something cruel to someone else.
3) Something to rhyme with fur.
1) Burrr. It's fucking cold here in Canada.
2) Burrr. That was cruel.... What?
Poet: Oh yea, I'm wearing fur, so I don't have to say, BURRR!
Guy in Crowd: You suck!
by Cecil Love July 31, 2006

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