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The Combination of Any Martial art,Gymnastics and Breakdancing-The Combination of These 3 Elements Creates a Artistic Lifestyle Known As "Tricking".

Tricking Is Known As The highest Level of Martial Arts,For many reasons,Not only are The three outlets strong in-Themselves But Combinding Them Makes an Artistic Desplay of talent Like NO other, Tricking Is Becoming Very Popular in todays Society,You can Do Tricking anywhere and Anytime By anyone That is fit and Athletic,People that are just starting out Tricking Should not attempt -Scotty Sceltons- "Tripple Cork"...at all...im Serious,DONT ;)Start Small and work your Way up,Take your Time,"Martial Arts is a Lifetime Journey".

Tricking Is Mainly found in Cali and New York,But Hey What isnt :) "Trickers" are A Very Addaptive and Kind Race,And Shall not Be Labeled.Tricking can Be Found On "YouTube" And www.Loopkicks.Com And if your lookking For Quick Amazement I Highly Suggest you Check it out :)

Lines in Tricking are being Pushed Everyday. Trickers Are Very Adapptive You Can Even combind different Typs of Martial Arts Together,liiiiiike->>>
Muay Tai/Ninjutsu
Hell All of The Above!+Gymnastics and Brakedancing 1 Word !WOW!

"Im Glad i Live in a Time Where Tricking Almost surpasses What Some ANIME Characters Can do :D"
-Cecil Lee-
by Cecil Lee-Martial Artist- August 03, 2009

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