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Short for "demolished." To be absolutely obliterated in against an overwhelmingly stonger competitor. See pumped.
Guy #1: "Man our team lost 15-4"

Guy #2: "wow, you guys got demo'd"
by Cecil B. Demented December 29, 2004
Stemming from the word porous: permeable to outside influences; capable of being penetrated.

To have an incredibly weak skill-set in any given sport.

To have holes in your game.
"Man, that shit's pore."

"Shit, his game isn't poor, it's pore"
by Cecil B. Demented April 28, 2004
To be defeated soundly.

To suffer a defeat against an overwhelming force, putting up little or no perceived resistance.
Usage 1:
Dave: "Did your team win last night?"
Bob: "Naw, we lost 15-3"
Dave: "Wow, you guys got pumped"

Usage 2:
"The french have been pumped in every major conflict they've entered"
by Cecil B. Demented April 28, 2004
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