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1 definition by Cdubya

I hate this place. I go to SUNY binghamton, and lemme tell you, dont!
I am a senior, and I think on average, there are 2-3 sunny days per semester. And it alternates everyday from rain to snow, so that there is always ice and mud everywhere. Even in the summer, when its in the 90s, i still see damn mud puddles everywhere! Every frickin kid here has a chip on their shoulder that they arent in Cornell, and they wear cornell and ithaca shirts, and go there all the time, like they are trying to delude themselves. Everyone at this school is either a spoiled ass from Long Island, a designer clothes whore asian from queens, a self-seggregating Jew or Christian, or a FOBby Indian engineering major. Oh, and i think there are five or six black people too. Once you leave campus you realize that you are in the most boring place you will ever be, surrounded by rednecks who wear camo all the time, weigh 300 pounds, and look seriously inbred. Looking into their eyes you will see no spark of intellect, and if you notice their mouths, dont expect to find a full set of teeth.
If you need an example, go to walmart and check out the montage on Jappy long islanders interacting with confederate hicks.
by Cdubya March 08, 2005