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The Dankest Weed. Can be Identified by the plentiful THC crystals, and the sticky resin which resides on the bud after harvest. Garunteed to "Fuck you up." Also known as the Chronic.
"I really love getting faded of that Sticky Icky."
by Cdub the Collosus September 02, 2007
Jetta Hoes are young attractive girls usually 16-26, who are not very intelligent, but come from rich families, or pretend they are rich. When they learn how to drive, they are usually supplied with a new Volkswagen Jetta by there parents. These girls are known to wear big white rimmed glasses and dress very preppy. Ambercrombie and fitch, American Eagle, and Aeropostale are their favorite brands. Jetta hoes are usually really slutty, and will preform most sex acts with most "good looking" males. They are really bitchy, so proceed carefully. Although They usually drive Jettas, some choose other cars as well, Honda civics, acura integras, mitsubishi eclipse and ford focus are a few of the other famous ones.
"Fuck that bitch man, she drives a Jetta, shes just another Jetta Ho"
by Cdub the Collosus September 02, 2007
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