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The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. He holds the power to conduct monetary policy such as open market operations and adjusting the prime interest rates. His actions have been questionable since the inception of his term.
Ben Bernanke caused the Dow Jones to drop 350 points in one day simply be m aking a comment about the market.
by Cballznhoney April 30, 2008
A word used to describe a man who is endowed with a short and stubby penis with the dimensions of the average sized human thumb.
Fuck you, thumb dick! You are hung like an infant!
by Cballznhoney July 10, 2008
A form of child abuse in the mid 20th century and prior where the child would be subjected to excruciating pain by way of the intense pressure applied to the area on the finger or thumb just above the cuticle of the fingernail.
When my old man came home, he saw that my homework was not done and the house was a mess. He then pursued in milking the rat until I did my duties.
by Cballznhoney April 30, 2008
Raw and tender anal sphincter that burns with each step you take. It is usually the result of a sub par job cleaning the ass after a mean shit. the left over residue in the anal crevice may contain some ingredients such as hot sauce from Mexican food or other spicy food condiments which cause irritation.
I had to stay seated for several hours after my walk around town due to a mean case of the Juicy Butt.
by cballznhoney September 18, 2008
Some women put men in the aweful position of having to hold their breath during sexual intercourse simply because of their poor femanin hygien (see the term stinkfish . In such cases, it should be the male role of requesting that a Courtesy Dousche is performed by the female.
Damn girl! Your pussy stinks, how about a courtesy dousche???
by CballznHoney July 10, 2008
The end result of a wet fart where one will find residual turd-lets in their underwear. If not cleaned promptly, the likely outcome of a shard and impact to the underwear is called a skid-mark.
After that mean bean burrito from Filliberto's, I ripped a huge fart and when I finally got to the bathroom, low and behold I found a raisin sized shard nestled in my underwear and another one smashed in my ass hairs.
by cballznhoney February 15, 2012
Same principal as rhe Courtesy Flush . Somebody would request a courtesy wash to another person who has not bathed for several days. If a person smells like death or some other sordid smell , request a courtesy wash.
Hey buddy, how about a courtesy wash? You smell like ass!
by cballznhoney July 10, 2008
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