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3 definitions by Cazstar

a make of scooters that has branched out into the fashion industry making jeans, t-shirts, bags etc for both men and women. Very cool brand popular with mods. most fashion garments have a scooter on it some where.
my boyfreind has a gorgeous pair of lambretta jeans and is gettin a scooter to match!
by Cazstar July 29, 2005
23 20
often used as a way for a lad to describe his girlfreind often to calling her his bird
a lad might say: 'Shes my Bitch'
by Cazstar July 29, 2005
34 57
a person who follows a certain style often wearing mostly expensive (therefore worthless) disighner clothes. influenced by the 1960s slim lapeled suits for men mini skirts for girls. often hang around in small groups
'that lad over there, what a mod!'
by cazstar October 11, 2005
21 57