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A branch off from the study of awsome. Considered one of the most complex subjects around, containing bits of chemistry, awesome, biology, physics and mathematics.
The study of Amieology is divided into 5 Levels, each having its own content. These include:
Level 1- Basic Amieology.
Level 2- Study of the structure in Amieology.
Level 3- Study of the physical and mental aspects of Amieology.
Level 4- Study of the mating habits of amieology.
Level 5- Theoretical Amieology.

Theoretical Amieology contains things like "Amieology What Comes Next?" and "What If" situations.

Also, there is a species within Amieology, a branch off from humans exept better in every way.
Guy 2: Holy Shit! Congrats! The ninja masters will be proud.
by Cayle September 23, 2008
person that follows you in wow, facebook, twitter, gmail, halo, counter strike, practically anywhere just to get your attention, uses your friends names and hacks their accounts to talk to you, applys where you work, just to see you, and sometimes pretends to be you, really creepy stuff right out of a horror movie!
by cayle April 02, 2013

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