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A random thought, idea or story presented at an inappropriate time or place. The comment is generally out character from how the teller typically acts.
“Man, the other day he used a Vargism in order to get the woman at the cable company to get something done right"
by Cavedwellar May 08, 2007
A sex act which starts off with the man wearing those Groucho Marx-looking glasses. You know…the ones with the fake nose and mustache. Next the man has anal sex with his female partner. After the man ejaculates into her anus he stuffs grilled corned beef and sauerkraut in the woman’s “dirty” anus mixing it around and coating the sandwich mixture nicely with his used cum. Next the man (still wearing his Groucho glasses of course) removes the Reuben mixture, places it between two pieces of toasted rye and feeds it to the woman. Voilà! A Dirty Reuben!
Man, did you see that Dirty Reuben show in Tijuana last week?
by Cavedwellar October 25, 2006
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