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The noise gas makes as it passes through your intestinal tract on it's way to your anus. Prefarts are most common after eating Mexican cuisine, brocolli, trail mix or cheap beer. Prefarts are oftentimes noisier than the actual fart they will eventually mature into, however unlike a fart --which you can soften the sound of by discreetly seperating your butt cheeks-- there is no way to manipulate your body to soften the deafening noise of the prefart. Most people will try to pass it off as their stomach growling, but since the sound emanates from a decidely lower point on your torso, no one is fooled and you would be better off to point at the dog or an old person nearby.
Must've been a Pre-fart....Stop pointing at my dog.
by Catnymph July 21, 2010
A gastrointestinal event by which you are made aware of impending disaster, either in the form or noxious flatulence, explosive diarrhea, or the dreaded shart. Intestinal Testimony (IT) presents as loud gurgling noises coming from the region of the abdomen usually below the navel. It is audible to up to fifteen feet away. Not to be confused with an actual fart, with IT there is no expulsion of gas or feces, just the heralding trumpets of the massive toilet turmoil to come.
No, Gary is just giviing Intestinal Testimony to the shit he is about to take. I told him not to eat that much king crab!!
by Catnymph July 21, 2010
1.) An imaginary --or is it?-- creature which has the body of a woman, head of a cat, and wings of a nymph, or dragonfly. Catnymph are adept at luring men into their lair and making them do whatever the catnymph wants.

2.) A super-strong, sexy woman who possesses catlike abilities, such a being able to leap into the air, several times her own height, and always land on her feet. She has the ability to turn any mortal man into a cat at will by engaging in coitus with him. She is often in the company of many cats, several of which, you can be sure, were once human.
I had to give her my wallet. She was a catnymph.
by Catnymph July 24, 2010
The special sense that allows a woman to detect, without touching or even crotch-gazing, when a man has a huge penis. Cockdar will often present itself as an intense attraction to a man who is oftentimes not all that attractive, or in some cases, as extreme hostility toward someone with a large penis, because you know he's a douche and doesn't deserve to be well endowed.
"I gotta take that guy home."

"That one? Ew. He's not even cute."

"Hmm, yea, but he's sending my cockdar off the charts."


"I know my cockdar is telling me that guy has a big penis, but I hate him for it because he's just a cocky fucker. Literally."
by Catnymph July 22, 2010

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