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1. explaining things like you would to your cat(s)./ explaining things to your cat, as if it were human.

2. Talking to other human beings like you would to your cat(s)

3. Explaining everything by the way it relates to cats.

4. Rationalizing things according to how a cat would do it.

5. Internet.

"Mr.MeowMeow how many times do i have to keep catsplaining to you... mommy's guest is not your scratch tree. It hurts Mr.Friend when you scratch him."

"I understand that upsets you, But let me catsplain something to you. Once my cat is bothered by that too. She usually attacks it and bites it's head off. Maybe you should try it too?"

"I'm only on the internet for the cats"
by Catlady24 April 25, 2013
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