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The most amazing!!! Wonderfull!! Scottish film of all tym!! Men in kilts! Scotland! A heap o' gingers and a massive rammy!! Makes me proud 2b a scot!
"You were pure greeting at Braveheart"
by cathy 13 March 03, 2006
THe great games, up in inverness! Woohoo! Havenufink to do wif the almighty celtic and the sumwhat lesser ranger so get away wif ya!
"oi mate ya cummin up tae th highland games?"
by Cathy 13 September 04, 2005
Scottish, when referring to scottish ppl great! Im scottish and drink whiskey, dont eat haggis, LOVE men in kilts and pipers! CRy everytime sum1 mentions th film braveheart, say braw whenever i can, cant understand th broons and am extremely proud of my heritage! I embrace my steroetype! and if u wanna escape it whatever! I dunno any1 called jock or jimmy and we all hate gingers! see: minging

"check the braw scottish piper swigin the whiskey! "
by Cathy 13 September 04, 2005
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