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E-VD is an electronic venereal disease that is passed from one computer to another by various means. E-VD is most commonly spread through an office network when one moron, who believes that the sole purpose of a computer is to access the internet, acquires an E-VD, such as E-Herpes for which there is no cure. E-VD can result in loss of control of your personal computing accessories, loss of sleep, bruising of the fists from punching the monitor, and occasional oily seapage.
My emplyoer has been promiscuously surfing the internet, and seems to have contracted E-VD, specifically a strain of E-Herpes Simplex Type 1, which has been spread to my computer via the office network, resulting in the loss of DVD drive, for which their no known cure.
by Cathy, Jeff, and Tamee May 01, 2008

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