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Rikku is a female role in the games of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. In both games, Rikku plays as a thief, but in FFX-2, she is able to change her class by the collecting of spheres.

Rikku is a very perky and lively, if not flirtious, girl in both games. Many, though, feels that she is a slut in FFX-2 because of her immodest dress, which is greatly changed from that of FFX.
Rikku also has a small apearance in Kingdom Hearts 2, as a small fairy girl.
Rikku's english voice actor is Terra Strong, who also plays a number of cartoon male voices.
If I cosplay Rikku, would guys think I was a slut, or a sneaky thief?
by Cathredale June 09, 2009

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