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Pat Buchanan: draft dodget, speach writer, and racist. He ran for the GOP's nomination twice, and in 2000 as well but as an indepedent. He's said some pretty racist/fascist crap. But he's also gone against Iraq and NAFTA, but he still reluctantly endorsed Bush. What an idiot, he also almost ran against Bob Dole in '96 because he wasn't pro-life enough. I'm pro-life but I still stick with Democrats! How trivial can you get?
Pat Buchanan is an oddball!
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
A bunch of burgoise really abusing the Proletarians, like Stalinist communism (which is nothing but a big sell out of the Proletarians to the Burgoise) and Laissez Faire only one thousands times worse. Thank god we kicked their asses in WWII. Also, most are racists and imperialists. The PATRIOT act is trying to revive this.
Bush is a fascist, not Robert Heinlein.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
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