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''beat's the shit out of''
ie; the definition ''b'shits'', b'shits the definition ''friendgirl'' which somehow won word of the day today.
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
noun: meaning: the act of removing or having removed a bastard from your life completely.
Friend #1: Are you still drinking a 750ml of vodka each night?"

Friend #2 Nah, I'm down to 2 mojito's like a normal person."

Friend #1 Wow, how'd you manage that? AA?

Friend #2 Well honestly, I feel so much better now that I've had my bastectomy, I don't have a problem anymore..hiccup."

Also see: bastectimologist. (The person who removes the bastard from said life, often a professional or a new bastard)
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
a person who is addicted to submitting words and definitions to Urban dictionary.

also refers to a girl or guy who loves...no NEEdS to suck dick after smoking a blunt or whatever amount of marijuana get him/her high
That herbdickaholic submitted 350 definitions last month.

My stoner friend, homer, is such a herbdickaholic..every time we smoke a blunt he jumps on my peeter and just starts sucking. sheesh I hate that..
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
(noun) a word used as an alternative to asshole by people who think they're somehow "better" or "good" because they don't curse. (Also see: troutturd, hypercrite, frogging and bullshirt)
"You're such an ashhole!, find another ride home from church!"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
adj; a word used to describe a person, place or thing that sucks to such an extent that it warrants the addition of tacular. A word made from a combination of sucks and spectacular. Something or someone that is spectacularily sucking.
Mona: "Patty look at the dress my mother just bought me."

Patty: "omg, flowers and balloons? and what's with the plaid and polka dot mix?"

Mona: "I don't know, you know my mom, she loves a little vodka with her cornflakes every morning."

Patty: "Well no offense to your wino mom Mona, but that dress is sucktacular."

Mona: "Don't talk about my mom that way you dirty whore"

Patty: "ok"
by Cathi Robertson July 23, 2008
A play on the term Porta-Potty. We all like to have things we need and enjoy wherever we go, sooooo a Porta-Hotty is an incredibly realistic and HOT blow up doll (male or female...yes, I'm a fagalong) This "doll" would have "hot" parts such as mouth, penis, vaginer and asshole (warmers inside them)So that they would not only be hot in the superficial sense but also in the practical sense. The Porta-Hotty can suck peenus better than the average living person. I know you may never have seen a Porta-Hotty, but watch they'll be all the rage within months of this post.
Driver: what's the matter Homer?

Homer: I gotta boner ready to bust at the backveinseam!

Driver: Oh, don't worry, reach into the blue box in the back and pull out my Porta-Hotty. You'll have to blow her before she blows you"

minutes later...

Homer: omfg she's HAWT, where can I get a porta-hotty?"

Driver: "Lots of places, I got mine at K-Ymart."
by Cathi Robertson July 17, 2008
noun; the expectations one has regarding sex.
Flo: I hear you're going out with Butch tonight, are you excited?"

Mo: Well, he's cute and everything, but I saw his penis in the bathroom yesterday and for a 6'4" gay man he's exceptionally small, so my sexpectations aren't that great."

Flo: ahhh..size doesn't matter.

Mo: *slap*

Flo: "ouch" alright alright..size matters..cheeze n rice!
by Cathi Robertson July 23, 2008

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