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Something boys rarely perform to the level of a woman's satisfaction. They often misconstrue the act of just putting their tounge in your clit. Boys should be mindful of that fact that properly eating someone out consists of using thier fingers as well as their tounges, and doing whatever they can to make it feel good. Because if you don't, you plain suck. And she'll dump you. And you get bad referances and you'll never get laid. loser. Boys tend not to enjoy eating out, but they should learn to take it and enjoy it. This should be repeated until the girl orgasms. This, too, is usually not considered fun for boys, but they should learn to take it, and swallow it with relish and joy.
God I really want to be eaten out right now, but I happen to know that that guy really sucks at it.(I made this because I noticed a rather disturbing entry for "blowjob" but then I reminded myself that he probably sucks at eating pussy anyway...)
by Catherineisthecoolestgirlevah February 12, 2005
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