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A glammy band from Britain who were really good rockers! And really SWEEEEEEEET!
Sweet F. A.
by CatherineInRock January 08, 2004
Without music, I'd have nothing to live for.
Thank you for the music.
by CatherineInRock February 27, 2004
Walking slowly stetching hands forward according to your steps (right foot - right hand, left foot - left hand)
Well, you know what I mean, don't ya?
Heeeeeeey! Let's do the i can't dance! It's sheer fun!
by CatherineInRock February 27, 2004
One of the greatest Britain's bands. The history of the band can be devided into 3 periods:
1. Syd-era.(Late-Beatles-like music, drug psychodelia, nothing special)
2. Roger Waters -era (the golden age of the band, original concepts in music, genius lyrics)
3. Waters-less era (pathetic attempts of David Gilmour to match the genius of Waters, "Division Bell" is rather moving though)
'There's a lot of… devices that Roger uses (for writing music), that I'm not very… that I don't know how to do… Roger has owned his craft to a very fine point' (Dave Gilmour, Musi-Max Documentary, 1989)
by CatherineInRock January 08, 2004
A Richard with no hair.....
hey, have you seen baldrick?
by CatherineInRock August 15, 2004
A blue-meanie

Many people have a premise that Eric Clapton is God. That is wrong. To find out who is the real God see Roger Waters
The PRos and Cons of HitchHiking
by CatherineInRock January 08, 2004
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