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A word (acronym) used to inform someone to leave. Usually used aggressively. FOAD stands for Fuck Off And Die.
FOAD, you stupid prick!
by Cath August 26, 2004
what the fuck did you just do!
"THIS red button!?"
by cath January 14, 2004
Someone who has the ability to clear a bar/house/event of certain people, just by being present. The roodinator is usually congratulated for his/her success, as eliminating these people is community service at its best.
I am the roodinator. Go home to your mother.
by Cath August 26, 2004
1. the thing that is always following me.
2. what lovers call eachother
2."Oh GOD Henry! You horny Penguin! gimme some NOW!
by cath January 14, 2004
a word women use to justify eating obsely.
well i shudn't eat that but i suppose i am on a diet so it doesnt matter
by cath January 31, 2004

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